Saturday, January 31, 2015

The Basic Black and White

It has been a busy week and I always look forward to Saturday where I can have a little "me" time. I normally spend that time running errands for the family but that's okay because I am most likely doing something I truly enjoy - shopping. The weather started off quite cold this morning, but now it has started to warm up, so wearing this long cardigan (Lou and Grey via Loft) over my plaid shirt (Target) was a great idea. My jeans are from the Loft and my flats are Kate Spade. To keep my word of adding some red or pink to every outfit to celebrate the up coming Valentine's holiday, my red patent strap Philip Stein watch goes great. I am also wearing my brighton charm bracelet which has all red charms (made by Brighton a few years back to fight heart disease). I then carried all my personals in my Rebecca Minkoff bag.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Just a Little Red .....

A closer look at the accessories I wore today. These heart shape Tory earrings I found while searching for another pair of red earrings this morning. They are the perfect accent for this time of year. My yurman bangles are a staple on my hand, and my crystal necklace accents anything that it is worn with. The Philip Stein watch cannot be ignored with this outstanding red patent leather strap.

Today was extremely busy, and it was a long work day for me. We are experiencing some cold weather, so a nice sweater and corduroys were perfect to wear. My crystal necklace accented everything just fine, my red heart earrings and my Philip stein red strap watch add that little pop of color (red or pink) that I promise to accent with through the valentines holiday. I carried my personals in my Tory burch tote. I hope everyone had a great hump day.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A Little Plaid with Red Accents...

As promised I had to accent with a little red to acknowledge the coming Valentine’s Day. It was a cold day today for us here, so dark colors to keep me warm was a must. My plaid ankle pants from Target were once again in rotation. My sweater and knit plaid scarf are from Tommy Hilfiger. My tote and shoes are Tory and my Yurman bangles and Philip Stein watch accented my hands.  When it is very cold outside, I rather wear a leather strap watch than a metal strap. I have not worn this in a while so today was perfect with me using red to accent my looks lately.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Something Red.....

It's almost Valentine’s Day, chocolates and flowers everywhere with the colors of pink and red. I thought in my selections for this week it would be great to pay some tribute to this holiday by accenting whatever I wear with a hint of pink or red. The sweater I am wearing today came from Kohls, just a basic Cable Knit sweater. The polka dot pixie ankle pants are from Old Navy, my shoes, watch, and bag are from MK, and my pearl tip bangle is from C.Wonder. The necklace was purchased from a store on Groupdealz.  I hope everyone had a great start to their week.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Raincoat Day......

This morning the weather channel predicted a 60% chance of rain and it came down hard with some thunderstorms to go with it. I got caught running errands in the midst and I was prepared with my raincoat. I purchased this raincoat (Calvin Klein) about two years ago from Macy's. My butterfly stripped sweater and my jeans are from Loft. My purple sweater is from Talbots. My flats are from Kate Spade and I carried my list and my personals in my MK grey tote. Have a great weekend everyone.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Anchor Away ....

Today is Friday and I am so happy that the weekend is here. The weather was extremely nice outside for January so I took the opportunity to air my toes out; my jacks were the best sandal for the job. My jeans are from Rock Republic with a little bling on the pockets. The cardigan and sweater are from banana republic. My bag is MK and my watch is from Marc Ecko. It was a nice day to be out and about, definitely picnic weather today. Enjoy every bit of the weekend, it goes by fast. 

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Something Navy Blue .........

Wearing navy blue happens to be one of my favorite dark colors next to black; it can be paired with almost any color. The dark undertones of the color will bring anything to life; my favorite colors to wear navy blue with are red, white, green, yellow, pink and orange. In my photo the navy ankle pants (Loft) have a checkered pattern which is not visible from the photo, my navy and green stripped sweater is from Talbots , and the necklace with the same green jewel tones is from Kohls. My low kitten heel sling backs are from Tory Burch, my MK watch keeps me on time and I carry my personals in my LV tote accented by a lovely pink scarf. Remember, that any day can be a great day the choice is yours.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A Little Pink & Pearls

It's "Hump Day" everyone and I am soooo glad that there is one more day before I can officially kick off the weekend. I don't know about you, but on short weeks for me everything seems so rushed. Today I thought it would be cute to layer my necklaces, something I have not done in a while. I used my pearls which get minimum wearing along with my monogrammed gold necklace. My ankle satin trimmed black pants works well with this pink 3/4 sleeve sweater (Banana Republic). My flats are from Kate Spade and my tote and scarf are LV. My gold linked MK watch keeps me on time and my linked bracelet enhances it. Enjoy your week everyone. 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Let's Get Started ......

Today was the first day of my work week and it was very busy. It seemed like I was off from work for weeks rather than a few days. By now after reading a couple of my post, you know my motto is comfort first, the week started off with my purple dress pants and this winter white sweater from Loft. The sweater is very nice because there is gold thread visible through the front that gives it that unique look. My flats are from Kate Spade and they are super comfortable to walk around all day. They are one of my favorites to wear when I know it will be a long day. My trusty MK gold link watch keeps me on time, along with my bold gold link bracelet (old). My earrings are from Tory Burch and I carried my personals in my large LV tote. I am still having some mild cold symptoms, so walking with extra tissues and cough drops was very important. 

Monday, January 19, 2015

Ladies Camouflage

I had to go slow this weekend. The cold just knocked me out, and some good rest and relaxation was needed. My camo pants (Loft) was a purchase some time back, it is my first pair and I had to figure out how to wear them. They are not the traditional all green, they have a hint of pink which makes them quite feminine and I love that. The pale pink light sweater top is from Old Navy; my low wedge is from Tory. Scarf (Burberry) and my personals are being carried in my LV Neverful tote. My gold link watch is MK which keeps me on time. I hope everyone had a great start to the week.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Ruff Ruff !!!!!

I love this sweater, and the dog with bow tie on the front stole my heart when I walked into C. Wonder and saw it. Underneath is my basic black shirt, my ankle zipped skinnies are both from loft. My flats are Tory Burch and my Neverful tote is from LV. This bag lives up to its name, I was carrying my umbrella, a scarf, my water bottle and a box of tissues along with my mints and still this bag was not filled up. I have been battling a cold, so I had to travel with the necessities needed as I ran some much needed errands today. My sunnies are from Coach which hides the puffy eyes perfectly. Enjoy the the rest of your weekend, I will rest up to be prepared for work on Tuesday.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Denim Dress Comfort.....

Its Friday everyone, it is all about the comfort. Going into the weekend I am seeking comfort. I don't return back to work until Tuesday and I am very happy. These Spanx leggings are great, they are worth the money. The denim dress is from J Crew and it fits well, you can belt it if you like, I chose not to. The infinity scarf is from lilly pulitzer and it has a great hot pink trim. My loafers are Michael Kors and they are very soft on the inside and extremely comfortable, they hug your feet, I think it is the material they are made of. My gold link MK watch keeps me on time and my bangles are Yurman. My personals are carried in an LV tote. I love to fold the sides of this bag, and sometimes I like to wear the LV scarf tied to the handle, it looks cute to me, and it gives the bag a different look.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Comfy Vest ......

I have a couple of wool vest that I purchased from J Crew that makes those days when I want to take my silk shirts up a notch perfect. Since during the week our dress code should be business casual (noted in the employee handbook) I try to always select clothing that are very relaxed but yet looks great. These dark wash jeans from Banana Republic are a must have, they look great and are very well made. I wear them with always a nice top and shoes to deflect the fact that they are actually jeans. The silk shirt is from Loft and the camel stripped vest if from J Crew. My leopard print kitten heeled shoes are from Gianni Bini. For jewelry, the peacock necklace is from J Crew (a favorite), my Stella and Dot crystal link bracelet, and my gold link MK watch with my Yurman bangles. I love carrying all the personals today in my Tory Burch Robinson Tote.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Field Trip Day .......

Today my students and I went on a field trip. It rained most of the day so this nice jacket from Boden’s worked well. The great detail on this jacket has Buckingham Palace all over with the guards in their red jackets and hats. (Quite cute!) The Sperry Top Spider rain shoes with the plaid take it up a notch if you don't want to wear tall boots. My Miss Me jeans are a staple in my closet, these jeans are my favorite. The collared shirt is from Ralph Lauren; just a closet must have that can be worn all year round. My MK watch and link bracelet along with my J Crew staple necklace was used to accessorize, and I used my purple Brahmin tote to carry my personals. It was a great field trip, and even though my day began extremely early and ended late, I know my students had a great time.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Rain Rain go Away ....

Today it rained and rained and rained, I thought it would never stop. Well it has finally slow down until tomorrow, here it comes again. This week my best bet was to start the week wearing some dark colors to absorb that after rain chill that stays in the air. I wore that nice sequin sweater from Loft with the satin band three quarter sleeves. My MK black dress pants are a regular for work, my black and gold Tory Burch loafers are a great asset to my work closet. My gold link watch keeps me on time, and today I wore my Alex and Ani bracelets. My personals I carried in my purple Brahmin bag. Enjoy your week; I hope your week started off with better weather than mine.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Poppy Clips

I love these poppy clips, they accent my sweater perfectly. My look today was all about comfort for running around doing errands and having lunch with friends. My navy heart sweater, the cardigan and jeans are all from Loft. My bag and shoes are from Tory Burch. My necklace is a J. Crew essential piece that I love and wear all the time. My flower accent bracelet (JCrew) is great next to my gold link MK watch. This outfit came together really well with my poppy clips, check these accents out at, they are great with any outfit.

Friday, January 9, 2015

The Comfort of Wearing Plaid .....

This cold is sweeping the nation, everywhere seems to be extremely cold or have a chill in the air. The, best choice is layering up, and a plaid shirt is the way to go. My plaid shirt is from Old Navy, the monogram vest is from Lands’ End and it is super warm. The grey skinnies are from Loft, and my wedge boots are from Vince Camuto. I fell in love with these boots because the flap comes all the way down and covers part of the heel. The brass buckle gives it a great look, but it is not to bold. My bib flower necklace is from Brighton, my silver link crystal accent watch is from Marc Ecko and my triple bangle combo is from Yurman. Today I had to carry my I-Pad and my datebook because we had an off-site training, so my Nylon patent trim Tory Burch tote was the perfect bag to carry. 

Thursday, January 8, 2015

It's Cold Outside ....Brrrr

When I spoke to friends and family across the country today everyone was feeling the chill. It is cold outside and layering is a must.  My outfit today begins with a basic denim shirt from Tommy Hilfiger; the sweater is from Old Navy ($7.00). The Navy and pink polka dot vest is from Loft and the dark wash skinnies are from Loft.  My boots are from Sam Edelman and my favorite double zip Robinson tote are holding all my personals. Accessorize with my flowered bracelet, I picked up from a store on Group Dealz, MK rose gold crystal face watch and my crystal blush bracelet from Stella and Dot.

Currently lounging in flannel PJs…….. Brrrrrr

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Furry Love ......

This infinity scarf from Nordstrom's is a must have if you like to feel warm. It is well made and does not shed for being faux fur. My outfit today was all about celebrating "hump Day" and wearing two of my favorite colors. The ankle pants in the post are from J. Crew. The denim shirt is from Loft. Since I truly love a bargain, paying $11.99 for it was a steal and a great addition to my denim shirt collection. My kitten heel calf hair pump is from Gianni Bini (Dillards) and I carried all the personals in my Tory Burch Robinson double zip tote. To add a few new accessories I wore my Stella and Dot bracelet along with one of my favorite watches, the crystal face MK Rose Gold watch. There is one more day before I can officially kick off the weekend.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The Must have Black Pants.......

I am in love with these slacks, they are from Loft and the satin trim on the pockets and the waist makes them a must have for the winter. The floral silk shirt is from Loft also and it is a great light pink and grey. My shoes and handbag are from Kate Spade which happens to be my favorites right now. Enjoy the rest of your week everyone, tomorrow is "Hump Day".

Monday Blues

Well it looks like the work week has gotten started. I literally had to drag myself from the bed this morning, but once I got out of it I kept going. I started the week pretty simple, not much fuss at all. My black ankle pants are from the Limited, my blouse is from Loft, and my shoes and handbag are from Kate Spade. These flats has an amazing gold trim around the heel, so you can dress them up or down. Either way, they are a great asset to any working girls closet. My link bracelet and watch are my go to pieces for the work week. (ha-ha)

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Hiding in the Palm Trees

It’s so nice outside today which makes running around to finish up my errands quite easy. Purchasing simple stuff like snacks, and bread to make lunches next week as the work and school week starts. My goal is simple, prepare for Monday today and relax tomorrow with the family. As for my casual outfit, I am wearing:

Shoes //   MK loafers
Jeans //  J. Crew boyfriend jeans
Top//  Banana Republic
Scarf//  Loft (old)
Jewelry// earrings - J. Crew, watch – MK, Bangles – C. Wonder, Alex & Ani, Yurman
Sunnies// Brighton

Friday, January 2, 2015

A Little Sparkle and Comfort

I can’t believe we are already moving full speed ahead into 2015, can you? I had a few errands to complete today and it seems like nonstop going for me. The girls and I spent this morning getting all last minute things to start school on Monday. My Tory Burch tote was perfect for the magnitude of list I had to carry ha-ha. My two tone denim shirt and sweater are from Loft. The jeans are also Loft but they are an old pair. My flats are from Max Studio and they are about 2 years old, but they are super comfy. For Jewelry my leather strap MK wrap watch is great with the C. Wonder pearl bangle along with the Hard Rock Café bracelet (gift). My necklace is from J. Crew, a classic piece that is a constant in my dressing. The first weekend of the year has officially started, make the best of it, I know I will.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

We are off to a Great Start .....

There are many great sales today that you can take advantage of while laying on the sofa. See below for details from some of my favorite stores:

·         Ann Taylor & Loft 60% off all sale styles
·         Banana Republic 30% off full price items
·         Buckle extra 20% off sale items/ 20% of jewelry
·         J.Crew winter sale styles extra 40% off use Code STYLE2015
·         Kate Spade offers 25% off all sale items use Code JINGLE25
·         Neimans offers an extra 40% off  sale items
·         Nordstroms offers an extra 50% off selected items
·         SHOPBOP 25% off sale items use code CHEERS2015
·         4.Talbots offers an extra 40% off markdowns
·         Tory Burch 25% of sale styles use Code NEWYEAR

Happy New Year


                             I would like to wish everyone a happy and safe New Year.
                                                     Dine & Family