Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Flowers are a must wear this time of year...

It's Tuesday everyone and the week is in full swing. I love the fact that the weather starts off cool and then the day warms up. There is a little rain in between, but that is what spring is all about "April Showers brings flowers." As usual I am dressing for comfort today and my silver jacks has a small wedge which helps keep my feet from hurting and supporting my heel.  My ankle blue pants are from Limited and the blue sweater is from Loft. The flowered T-Shirt underneath is a winner for me, because of the blues and pinks it can be worn with lots of choices. For jewelry, Toy watch and Yurman bangles are a staple for me this time of year. My long pearl station necklace is from Brighton, and my signature diamond white gold cross provides that layering look. I carried all my personals in my LV tote. Have a great week everyone, and keep your eye on the prize.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Chinese Checkers Print Dress...

I cannot believe that my week of spring break has  come and gone already. The week started off relatively quiet as we are preparing for testing. The dress I am wearing makes me recall when I was a kid and I would play a game called Chinese Checkers, the pieces were little balls of different colors that rolled around to filled a paper design of similar color. Players had to work their way across the board to an adjacent color while manuevering around being eliminated. When I saw this dress, that game instantly came to mind. The dress has these perfect little dots all over, it is extremely comfortable and it has these great side pockets that can hold a lot, which I love. The denim jacket is from Loft, the shoes are Tory Burch and the bag LV. My signature white spring/summer watch is from Toy and my Yurman bangles compliments the other hand.

Always remember that tomorrow can be a great day, the choice is up to you. Thanks for reading.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Denim on Denim With a Pop of Color....

I thought today I would try something new with my photos and take the color away from one of them. Quite interesting, don't you think? What happens to your thinking when you actually can't see color, just the style of the clothing, does your perspective change? This photo was taken before I had my feet wrapped yesterday, so since I am not allowed to wear anything fashionable until I receive my heel support shoes on Monday, I thought let me post a photo that was taken prior to the wrapping. 

Shoes and bag // Tory Burch
Jeans and Camo Belt // Loft
Denim Shirt // Express
Vest and Necklace // J Crew
Watch // Toy
Bangles // Yurman

Enjoy the remainder of your weekend everyone, and thanks for reading. 

Friday, March 27, 2015

I need support... from my shoes

My feet are hurting and the doctor has decided to wrap them and have me wear the supports for two weeks. I hope this does not mean that I have to get rid of all my cute summer flats? Huh..... Say What! Today has been super casual as I run around and complete my errands and my doctor visit.  Lets get the weekend started. Sandals are from Tory Burch despite my bandages, my jeans are from J Crew, my top is old and comfortable.  My bag is that perfect Longchamp tote that holds everything. I hope every have a great weekend, and thanks for reading. 

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Traveling Clothes

I am finally back home and off the road from my week long college tour with my daughter. Our adventure started Monday morning very early and ended this afternoon. I have been to three states and four colleges, whew what a week. We have two more schools that she really wants to visit, and I am taking that challenge one weekend at a time. Now it is time for me to get some rest and relaxation before work begins on Monday. It always feels great to travel in comfortable soft clothing. My long maxi skirt is very comfortable, and I purchased it from the BCBG line last year when I was traveling in the summer. The "Mama in Heels" T-shirt was a gift from a friend, it is comfortable and I love it. My neverful LV tote was an asset on this trip because every college gives so many brochures and paper information, I needed to keep it all in one place and this was large enough to hold a folder that carried all the info we received. This is a great travel bag, the investment was worth it. My ever loving Tory Burch comfort sandals tagged along for the ride home because guarantee I was coming back to better weather. It was a long week, but we made it through and now my daughter has some thinking to do.  Thanks for reading and remember that tomorrow can be a great day, the choice is yours.  

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Nothing But Blue........

I arrived last night in North Carolina and spent the day touring colleges with my daughter. It started off to be a very cold day, it literally did not warm up until around 3pm. We are currently headed out to dinner and we are heading home tomorrow. Today we visited the Duke and UNC campus. Both colleges have a lot to offer and they both have very beautiful and spacious areas for students to live and thrive. My daughter has fell in love with the tarheel state, so we have to wait and see what decision she makes. My dinner outfit has been altered slightly because of the change in weather (check out my outfits on my instagram page that I wore on the tours @musthaveahandbag). My sandals are Tory Burch, my jeans and denim shirt are from loft, my navy crew neck is from Lands' End, and my LV neverful carried all the pamphlets and notes I have been collecting from these tours. Tomorrow can be a great day, the choice is yours.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Just a Little Pink

Just arrived at the hotel here in North Carolina after a long day on the road of visiting colleges. We visited University of Florida in Gainsville yesterday, it was a beautiful tour (check out the pics on instagram). This morning we visited Emory College in Atlanta, it is a beautiful campus nestled in the city. Walking around you would not get that feeling. Our tour guide was terrific and she offered loads of information. The weather was beautiful, the only set back was traffic this morning was the worse. Traveling with my LV neverful has been great because on these tours you receive lots of papers and brochures. My flats are my gold Tory Burch Reva flats, my pale pink jeans are from MIchael Kors and my sheer top is from Loft, the scarf is Lands' End. Looking forward to tomorrow as we tour Duke.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Hello Spring ...

Spring is one of my favorite seasons, the other is fall. Spring makes you think about flowers and bright colors which can enhance your mood. I love to know that I can wear lime green and neon pink and no one is looking at me sideways. Today being the first day of spring I thought a bright pop of orange would go well over this Style & Co. stripped maxi dress that I purchased from Macy's late last summer. It did not get much wearing, but it will be in heavy rotation this summer.  My sweater is from Lands' End and my comfy nude sandals (barely visible) are from Tory Burch. My bag LV and my watch is from Toy/ Yurman bangles and ring opposite hand. Thanks for reading and enjoy the remainder of your weekend. 

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Denim Goes With Everything

Hump Day is over and I feel tired, but it is the middle of the week and that is expected. My polka dot skirt is very comfortable and my favorite part is the side pockets, it is from Bodens and it can be worn all summer long. It will make an appearance again because of its neutral pallette and its versatility. My denim shirt is old, one of those that has visited the cleaners so much that the tag is gone, but it is very comfortable  and I love wearing it. The sandals are from Tory Burch, the handbag is one of my favorite totes for the summer, it is from Brahmin. The pockets in this tote are wide enough to hold my Samsung cell phone and that gives this bag major credit. For jewelry, I am wearing my MK watch, J Crew gold link bracelet and my Yurman bangles. Enjoy the remainder of your week, make it great one the choice is up to you.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Light Blues

It is a busy Tuesday, at work we are getting ready for spring break, and home I am busy packing for my trip to take my daughter on her college tour.  It will be an exciting time as we travel. My light three quarter sleeve cardigan and stripped shirt are from Loft. The  blue ankle pants are from Limited and they are super comfortable, nice and light for the summer months. The bow flats are from Kate Spade and the handbag is Brahmin. Watch is MK, Jcrew bracelet, Yurman bangles.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Silver Stripes

It is such nice weather outside, so my jacks are on repeat because they are very comfortable to stand in all day. I love wearing dresses and skirts this time of year, they are easy to wear and most importantly easy to acessorize. I love the comfort of not having to worry about what I am going to wear too much, and, most of you that read my blog know that comfort comes first in my dressing decisions. The dress that I am wearing is one of my favorite styles from Lands' End, my grey strip cardigan is from the Limited and my jacks compliments it well. I carried my personals in my Robinson tote from Tory, which has been a constant the past two weeks. My necklaces are from Brighton, Yurman bangles, and Philip Stein leather strap watch.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Flower Power

It is such a nice day outside today, makes you want to get dressed up in your nice sandals and a long flowery sundress. I ran some errands today, and traffic was busy, everyone was very happy it seemed for the nice weather. The lines at the grocer were long, but no one was complaining, that's always a great thing.I hope that everyone enjoy the remainder of the weekend, it comes and goes so fast. For my runaround look today, my top and jeans are from Loft, my bag and sandals are from Tory Burch,  Yurman bangles and Philip Stein watch. True to my motto, simple but comfy.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Ready For Friday

It is Friday and I am very happy to be home and relaxing with the family. This week was very long, and yesterday was the longest of all. Next week is a short week,  and then we roll into Spring Break from next Friday, Whoo-Hoo. The top I am wearing is an old one, after many trips to the cleaners the tag is gone, but it is cute and comfortable. (at least in my eyes) My jeans are from Loft. Shoes and bag are from Tory Burch. My jewelry is a mixture of my Yurman bangles, Philip Stein watch and a Tiffany heart bracelet. 

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Bib Necklace

It's "Hump Day" and I am looking forward to the end of the week. My statement piece today is my silver bib necklace from Brighton, I have owned it for over a year now, but seldom do I wear it. It has appeared on the blog about once or twice before, but I always change my mind after the photo. Today I thought it would be perfect with this dress, the V neckline really needed something to enhance it and this piece worked perfectly. My dress is from lands' End and my sweater is from Banana Republic. My shoes are Jack Rogers and my handbag is from Tory Burch. My hands are complimented with my Yurman bangles, Swiss legend Diamond face watch and aTiffany silver bead bracelet. Make tomorrow a great day, the choice is up to you.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Spring Has Sprung

It is very warm today, a high of 84 degrees. I woke up this morning to temps in the 70's.  My sheath pocket dress is very comfortable, and my orange cardigan brings spring to mind. Both these items are from Lands' End. My sandals and handbag are Tory Burch. My necklace is an oldie but goodie from Loft. Enjoy the remainder of your week, remember the choice is yours.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Navy Stripes

It's a little wet outside, but errands have to be done and an afternoon soccer game comes afterwards, then bowling with the family. Now it is almost time to hit the sack but I wanted to post a photo of my outfit from today. As everyone that read my post by now knows that comfort comes first in my dressing, so these navy checkered flats from Michael Kors worked well with my outfit. The stripped light sweater is from Banana Republic and the polka dot vest and jeans are from Loft. I carried my personals in my Robinson Tote from Tory Burch. Tomorrow is the last day to rest up, make the best of it. Don't forget to set your clocks forward 1 hour everyone, we lose an hour.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Tunic Time.......

It's Friday and I am very happy that the week has come to an end. The look for today is simple, yet comfortable and I got lots of compliments on this shirt. The green and navy blue pattern is a winner , also the navy embroidery around the neck and sleeves gives it an extra touch. I scored this tunic from C. Wonder before they closed their doors, the skinny jeans is from Ralph Lauren and my shoes are Jack Rogers. I carried my personals in the Robinson tote from Tory Burch. Have  great weekend everyone

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Polka Dots Please

This week is anticipated to have such nice weather that I am pulling out every comfy skirt that I have to wear. Today was a high of 89 degrees and tomorrow is anticipated to be 84. Next week we will get the rain again and cooler temps. My lovely polka dot skirt is from Lands' End, my top is from Banana Republic, my shoes Jack Rogers and my bag the Tory Burch's Robinson Tote. Make tomorrow a great day, the choice is yours.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Basics

Its Tuesday and I hope that everyone's week has started great. March is already here and he year is in full swing, before we know it summer will be here and the beach will be on everyones mind. Today I am wearing this great knee length skirt that I found at Lands' End, my top is old (I am thinking it is from Buckle, but don't hold me to it). My shoes are Kate Spade, I love these flats they are a work staple for me. My bag is the Robinson Tote from Tory Burch. My watch is MK/ necklace J. Crew and my Yurman bangles. Tomorrow is hump day, make it a great day, the choice is yours.