Monday, March 30, 2015

Chinese Checkers Print Dress...

I cannot believe that my week of spring break has  come and gone already. The week started off relatively quiet as we are preparing for testing. The dress I am wearing makes me recall when I was a kid and I would play a game called Chinese Checkers, the pieces were little balls of different colors that rolled around to filled a paper design of similar color. Players had to work their way across the board to an adjacent color while manuevering around being eliminated. When I saw this dress, that game instantly came to mind. The dress has these perfect little dots all over, it is extremely comfortable and it has these great side pockets that can hold a lot, which I love. The denim jacket is from Loft, the shoes are Tory Burch and the bag LV. My signature white spring/summer watch is from Toy and my Yurman bangles compliments the other hand.

Always remember that tomorrow can be a great day, the choice is up to you. Thanks for reading.