Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Drowning in Burgundy

I love the fact that this plaid vest has so much versatility, and you guys know how much I love a vest this time of year. I own too many of them I can admit, but they are wonderful accessories to any closet that can change up your look anytime. These Michael Kors skinnies are nice, very tapered at the bottom. Another find from this post is the Nixon black leather strap watch from Nordstroms, a very great find, also the price point is great too.The black sweater with the chicken in the front is from J Crew, that was a steal, and it washed well also. Did not have to size up to prepare for a wash. Well guys, that's about it. 2017 is fastly approaching, are you ready?

Stay Blessed

Monday, December 26, 2016

Navy Stripes and Burgundy

Hi Everyone,
I have not posted anything  here in a while, but instagram has had a couple post. Getting settled into a new home and getting my daughters organized took a lot longer than I anticipated. We are finally settled and I could get back to posting my pics here. Thanks to everyone who still peak in from time to time to see if I have anything new. 2017 will be better and back on track.

Wearing navy stripes are one of the most classic combinations anyone can wear in my opinion. I love the fact that you could add any color pop to this combination and it looks great. I have enhanced this combo with red, green, orange, pink and the list goes on. My puffer vest is great too, it has a burgundy underlay with the pipping of navy blue that makes it great. my skinnies go great, these are from Ralph Lauren, the Tory Burch suede flats are great addition, they add another texture to the outfit. My Rebecca Minkoff tote carries all my personals. I hope that everyone is enjoying their December as the year come to a close.

Stay Blessed

Preparing For 2017

Phase 1: Remove all old information from your agenda to prepare it for the following year. 

Phase 2: Place all your new inserts into the agenda, mine are from Agenda Designs on Etsy. I always place notes first, because if I have to write anything in a hurry, I don't have to search.

Phase 3: My monthly calendar at  a glance comes next, this enables me to block dates and use bullet points for important appointments.

Phsse 4: My weekly section comes next where I can itemize my days better. Here is where I write the times and practically schedule my day, if I have more than I can remember happening.

Phase 5: I have these plastic pockets where I keep stickers and important contact business cards that I use regularly. For example, dentist, orthodontist, doctors office etc. If you noticed at the front of the agenda there are 4 cards in the card pockets, these are my gift cards that I received over the holidays, I always have some kind of rebate card or gift card to use, I find that storing them here reminds me that I have them. Also on my calendar I write down if they have any expiration dates. I started doing this two years ago because I have lost so much money through gift cards and rebate cards that I never used. I also still have the stickers from LV that the planner came with, I never used them, hopefully I will this year, but I always tend to use the more detailed ones. I thought it would be nice to share this on the blog. Stay focused and stay blessed, as always thanks for reading.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The Perfect Start to the week......

It has been a chilly weekend and I thought what better way to start the week, than in some corduroy skinnies from the Loft in my favorite color. My dolman sleeve sweater is from the Limited, and the paisley scarf I scored from a vendor on the streets of New York last winter. The ankle boots are from Guess, and they are very comfortable. If a teacher can wear them all day without sore feet they are a winner right? My LV Damier Ebene Speedy 35 is great, it carries a ton of stuff, and I love it. I would not normally carry this to work, but I had a function after work and using a work tote seemed extra bulky for a social event.  As always, thanks to everyone for reading and have a great week.


Friday, October 7, 2016

Plaid and Paisley

Hi Guys,
I know that I have not posted in a while. I relocated this summer and it has been a crazy few months getting my family and myself organized. I am back and ready to post as you all know that fall is one of my favorite seasons.
I had to use my wrap today because of that little chill that is in the air. This plaid wrap is a winner, just lightweight enough to carry in your tote to use this time of year.

The plaid wrap    - old
The jeans.  -loft
The shoes.   - Dolce Vita
Paisley top - Nordstroms
Handbag.     - ToryBurch Britten Tote

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Summer fun with the accessories !!!!

These are a few of my favorite accessories that I am wearing this summer. The Tory Burch Harper tote can carry all my personals and it works great. The sandals with the gold trim are very cute and I get lots of compliments  when I wear them. I purchased them last year and I am wearing them again because they are super comfortable. The Nixon watch is great, I love the square face with the gold trim. The leather strap works well for me because the metal straps sometimes gives me a rash around my wrist when it gets extremely hot in the summer. I know that I have not posted much in a while, but moving and trying to get my children settled in their new home took priority. As always, thanks for reading and stay safe and cool.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Summer Fun

Hi Everyone!
I have not posted anything in a while because I have been moving, I am partially set up, so I thought I need to start taking some pics of some outfits. I wore this outfit today because I had to take some new passport pics, and stop by the post office. I hope everyone is enjoying the summer as the nights are longer and it is definitely hotter. My top is from Loft, my shorts are from Boden's and my shoes are Vince Camuto. The belt is Tory Burch, and my LV Speedy 35 in Damier Ebene carried all my personals. Enjoy your week everyone.

Monday, May 30, 2016

Comfortable Dresses

I love a comfortable cotton dress and this one sure is, the denim jacket covers the back because is it raining and wet outside. The white Jack Roger sandals are perfect and the pony tail is in full effect because of all the unpredictable weather. My Damier Azur tote carries all my personals including my much needed water bottle, and everything else. This is a great tote and perfect to use in the summer. I hope that everyone had a great weekend, relaxed, and spend quality time with family. Stay safe and stay blessed, have a great week

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Honor All Veterans!!!!!

It is so hot here, I had to slick the hair back into a ponytail. I hope that everyone is enjoying this long weekend and honoring our veterans. My dress is an oldie but goodie, the monogrammed bolero jacket is from guess, tat I had monogrammed with my initials. My necklace is from J Crew and the navy and pink accents is exactly hat I need to bring this outfit together. My gold shoes are made by Vince Camuto and they are very comfortable. Stay strong and stay safe everyone.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Fly like a Butterfly......

Happy Monday, I hope that everyone had a great Mother's Day. I spent mine with my family and we enjoyed a nice quiet dinner.  My daughter's might to me this year was this beautiful Alex and Ani expandable necklace that holds 5 dangling charms, it instantly became a favorite of mine to wear all the time. The flats are Tory Burch, the jeans are Lucky and the to I scored from the glam shack boutique online store. My LV Speedy 35 carried all my personals. Thanks for reading and have a great week.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Navy Delight

This is a late outfit post from last week, but this Navy shirt dress is very comfortable and can be worn to work or to dinner. Originally purchased from Banana Republic, the silver accents is perfect for this time of year. The white tab belt is from Michael Kors, and it works perfect with jeans also. My LV mm in azur has been great to throw everything in, and it is working hard. The shoes are from Jack Rogers, and the raffia design looks great with the belt. I hope that everyone have a great week, stay blessed and stay focused.


Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Comfort Dress

This dress was stuck in my closet for a while, I thought if I don't wear it now I will never wear it. I purchased it last year from Francesca's closet, I just never got a chance to wear it. My white jacks really worked well to enhance the orange color of this dress. My LV bag in the Azur print has been on repeat for the season. It holds everything and it works out great for my busy mom lifestyle. Accesorize with my Zales necklace and Yurman Bangles, I am ready to go. Enjoy the rest of your week everyone, only two more days to the weekend.


Monday, April 25, 2016

Blue and White Feels Just Right!!!!!

This blue dress is so comfy, it never gets old to wear. It will definitely be seen again before the warm months are over. My little monogrammed jacket, highlights everything, and my coach slides just works perfect with this outfit, since outside is like 90 degrees Have a great week everyone and stay focused on your dreams.

Dress - LandsEnds'
Monogrammed Jacket - Old
Shoes - Coach
Bag - Rebecca Minkoff
Jewelry - Pearls (J Crew), Bangles (Yurman), Watch (TOY)

Friday, April 22, 2016

Friday Details

I am loving this look for today, it simply says I am ready for the weekend and it is big on comfort too. The top is from anthropology, the jeans are from Loft, my necklace is a Brighton oldie but goodie and my sandals are Tory Burch. Get relaxed and stay blessed as you enjoy your weekend.

It's all about the Rose Gold Accessories

Bag: LV MM Azur Print is great for the summer. 
Jewelry: MK Large crystal face watch, pearl adjustable necklace.
Shoes: Vince Camuto

Shoes: I scored these shoes at Target last week and they fit great, I added some MK bracelets to my crystal large face watch.

These Vince Camuto sandals are great, they are over a year old and have since been revamped by the designer, but they are supper comfortable, I use my same watch here, and added my cuff which I scored from T J Maxx last summer. These are just some different ways I have been accesorizing with rose gold. I hope everyone had a great week and enjoy the weekend. Stay blessed and stay focused.

Friday, April 15, 2016


Neutrals are always looking good. These white jeans and this neutral top are a must have in your closet for the summer. My top is from loft, my jeans are J. Crew, and my shoes are from Calvin Klein. The bag is from Kate Spade, along with the green enamel bangel accenting my right arm. I hope that everyone had a great week. Stay blessed and stay focused.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Stripes and More Stripes!!!!!!!

On or off the shoulders?  The great thing about this top is the versatility it has, and either way it looks great. The stripes are bold enough to be noticed, but does not take away the beauty, Loft has done it again, making another beauty that will stay in my closet a long time. My jeans are from Banana Republic, my shoes are Jack Rogers, and my bag is from Kate Spade. The monogrammed shoe clips I purchased from an Etsy shop, it took two months for them to come to me, and I had to send an email to the store in North Carolina as a reminder that I did not received my clips. A refund would have probably taken them twice the amount of time to process so I got the clips instead. The D on one of the clips had bubbles in it, not cool, and for 40 something dollars including shipping and handling, I expected better quality of work. (Maybe I can use the good clip on a bag or something, who knows) Well, I hope that everyone is having a great week. Stay blessed.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Casual and Comfy

I hope that everyone is having a great weekend, I just wanted to highlight these white denim jeans again, this time in a more comfortable setting with a casual loft blue T-Shirt, and some Tory Burch Wedges. This particular pair of white denim is from J Crew and they have a folded bottom. They are really soft and fits great. My necklace I think is from Swell Caroline, and my spring accented LV tote MM is in full use for the Spring season this year. I always worry about color transfer with this bag, so I have given it limited use. I am also hoping this bandeau will give it some pizazz. Once again, thanks for reading and have a great week lovelies.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Dressed up and Comfy

Featuring the J Crew white jeans again, I could not help but pair them with this great flutter sleeve top from the Loft, you guys know that I love a tie front shirt, I have a couple in my closet. My shoes are from Calvin Klein, and I have had them for a while. Just a little heel to lift you off the ground, but not too tall. My LV tote MM is carrying the personals, and my jewelry is from J Crew, Yurman, and a Philip Stein Signature gold tone watch. The week is winding down, the weekend is here. Stay focused and stay blessed.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

White Jeans A Must!!!!!

I love wearing white jeans in the Spring and Summer, This is a pic from this weekend. I love this flowy top from Banana Republic, and the tie front makes it even more cute. The white jeans I am wearing is from Loft, I own three pairs, one from Loft, one from J Crew and one from Rock Republic. They all are skinnies and I love wearing them. My shoes are from Tory Burch, and my bag is from BCBG. My jewelry are J Crew bracelet, Yurman ring, and a Philip Stein watch. Stay focused and stay blessed, have a great week.

Happy Easter!!!!

I hope that everyone enjoyed their weekend, spent some time at church, break bread with family, found lots of eggs stuffed with cash, ate lots of chocolate bunnies and relaxed. Tomorrow starts the work week for me, back from Spring Break. It was fun, I battled allergies and a slight cold while at the Disney parks with my visiting family. Remember to make this week a great one, the choice is yours.


Friday, March 25, 2016

Spring Handbag Accessory

For the spring I am trying to do something different with my LV Damier Azur MM, so I thought adding this monogram trunks bandeau would be fun. I do have a pink design that I wear on my delightful tote and I love it, but this one has to grow on me. I cannot believe that spring break is over and it is almost time to get back to school. Enjoy the weekend everyone.