Monday, January 18, 2016

Holiday Spirit

Today was a great day for relaxing which I did none of. I spent the day preparing for my class tomorrow as state testing is fastly approaching. I ran a few errands, and hoped for a less hectic week (is that possible). Over breakfast my daughters and I shared a short conversation on what they know about Dr. King this morning, and amazingly they knew more about him than I expected. As I drove to the cleaners later on, public radio was playing the famous "I Had a Dream" speech, and even though I did not hear the speech in its entirety, the words that I heard gave me wet eyes and chills. Just knowing that some of the dreams that he had for his daughters in that speech which seemed impossible at the time, are now a possibility for my daughters and my students.

This sweater is on repeat, but it is warm and being navy blue makes it a perfect color for the winter. It is a J Crew love, and it works well with everything. The stripped pink and navy shirt underneath is from Lands' End, just enough color to pop from the sweater. The jeans are Loft Skinnies, which as you know is a favorite of mine. I own about three pairs in the same wash and style. The flats are from Tory Burch, once again super comfortable, and my bag is a Kate Spade tote, lots of room to carry around the personals. I hope everyone have a great week. Stay focused and stay blessed.