Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Drowning in Burgundy

I love the fact that this plaid vest has so much versatility, and you guys know how much I love a vest this time of year. I own too many of them I can admit, but they are wonderful accessories to any closet that can change up your look anytime. These Michael Kors skinnies are nice, very tapered at the bottom. Another find from this post is the Nixon black leather strap watch from Nordstroms, a very great find, also the price point is great too.The black sweater with the chicken in the front is from J Crew, that was a steal, and it washed well also. Did not have to size up to prepare for a wash. Well guys, that's about it. 2017 is fastly approaching, are you ready?

Stay Blessed

Monday, December 26, 2016

Navy Stripes and Burgundy

Hi Everyone,
I have not posted anything  here in a while, but instagram has had a couple post. Getting settled into a new home and getting my daughters organized took a lot longer than I anticipated. We are finally settled and I could get back to posting my pics here. Thanks to everyone who still peak in from time to time to see if I have anything new. 2017 will be better and back on track.

Wearing navy stripes are one of the most classic combinations anyone can wear in my opinion. I love the fact that you could add any color pop to this combination and it looks great. I have enhanced this combo with red, green, orange, pink and the list goes on. My puffer vest is great too, it has a burgundy underlay with the pipping of navy blue that makes it great. my skinnies go great, these are from Ralph Lauren, the Tory Burch suede flats are great addition, they add another texture to the outfit. My Rebecca Minkoff tote carries all my personals. I hope that everyone is enjoying their December as the year come to a close.

Stay Blessed

Preparing For 2017

Phase 1: Remove all old information from your agenda to prepare it for the following year. 

Phase 2: Place all your new inserts into the agenda, mine are from Agenda Designs on Etsy. I always place notes first, because if I have to write anything in a hurry, I don't have to search.

Phase 3: My monthly calendar at  a glance comes next, this enables me to block dates and use bullet points for important appointments.

Phsse 4: My weekly section comes next where I can itemize my days better. Here is where I write the times and practically schedule my day, if I have more than I can remember happening.

Phase 5: I have these plastic pockets where I keep stickers and important contact business cards that I use regularly. For example, dentist, orthodontist, doctors office etc. If you noticed at the front of the agenda there are 4 cards in the card pockets, these are my gift cards that I received over the holidays, I always have some kind of rebate card or gift card to use, I find that storing them here reminds me that I have them. Also on my calendar I write down if they have any expiration dates. I started doing this two years ago because I have lost so much money through gift cards and rebate cards that I never used. I also still have the stickers from LV that the planner came with, I never used them, hopefully I will this year, but I always tend to use the more detailed ones. I thought it would be nice to share this on the blog. Stay focused and stay blessed, as always thanks for reading.