Monday, December 26, 2016

Preparing For 2017

Phase 1: Remove all old information from your agenda to prepare it for the following year. 

Phase 2: Place all your new inserts into the agenda, mine are from Agenda Designs on Etsy. I always place notes first, because if I have to write anything in a hurry, I don't have to search.

Phase 3: My monthly calendar at  a glance comes next, this enables me to block dates and use bullet points for important appointments.

Phsse 4: My weekly section comes next where I can itemize my days better. Here is where I write the times and practically schedule my day, if I have more than I can remember happening.

Phase 5: I have these plastic pockets where I keep stickers and important contact business cards that I use regularly. For example, dentist, orthodontist, doctors office etc. If you noticed at the front of the agenda there are 4 cards in the card pockets, these are my gift cards that I received over the holidays, I always have some kind of rebate card or gift card to use, I find that storing them here reminds me that I have them. Also on my calendar I write down if they have any expiration dates. I started doing this two years ago because I have lost so much money through gift cards and rebate cards that I never used. I also still have the stickers from LV that the planner came with, I never used them, hopefully I will this year, but I always tend to use the more detailed ones. I thought it would be nice to share this on the blog. Stay focused and stay blessed, as always thanks for reading.